Women's Explorer Alliance - A Wondery nonprofit

The Women’s Explorer Alliance is dedicated to empowering and liberating women in the outdoors through awareness, resources, and community.

Our foundation is supported by Wondery apparel & goods proceeds, as well as generous donations from our partners and donors.


Foundation Goals



Hell yeah women conquer mountains! And their stories should be told more often. But women are also out there doing so much more than bagging peaks. Through the Women’s Explorer Alliance, we want to expand traditional adventure narratives and bring into focus a greater diversity of outdoor people, their endeavours, and their impact on the world around them. We think that by telling more diverse stories, we can inspire more women to forge their path to fulfillment in the outdoors in their own way.

We also want more people to know about the persisting need for greater equity in the outdoors. The more people know, the more we can work together to make the outdoors accessible and safe for all people. Only then will all women and all people find true liberation when they go outside.  



Money is a big barrier to the outdoors. Gear is expensive. So is traveling and accommodation. Those financial barriers to the outdoors are even greater for communities of color because they still face the economic repercussions of having historically been excluded from economic opportunities.

At the same time, knowledge and outdoor skills are still more often transferred from men to boys. 

Our foundation will develop initiatives that will include providing educational resources, financial support, and access to equipment, to help women from all backgrounds gain experience and confidence in the outdoors.

Check out our first initiative: a grant for outdoor women storytellers



The greatest resource we have is each other. We’re building a women’s outdoor community online and in the real world. Strong communities are safe places to build relationships and experience belonging. They’re rich in resources, and provide opportunities to advocate for, support, and grow with others. We think that if women can feel included in our community, then they’ll also feel included in the outdoors. 

Community events coming soon.


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